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As we rise to internet stardom, we want to meet with other businesses. Behind the Business - how you started and all the struggles, hurdles and good graces you have encountered in your business and personal life. We realize that we can't be internet stars without the help of a great team. If you believe you would make a great partner or would like to show us your team, invite us. If you offer a service that you believe we are missing, fill out this form. Our main goal is to help other businesses become internet stars! Growing your business while using social media and the internet. Social Butterflies From Kansas is a subsidiary business of Creatively Bold Enterprises and does charge for most of their appearances! We started with a following of over 10,000 in May, 1 2018 and that grows daily!

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Please tell us in 508 words or less why you would like to invite the Social Butterflies to visit your business or organization. You can also include a link to a Youtube Video 1 to 2 minutes long. This video will be used by Creatively Bold Enterprises to promote segments and also be used as marketing material if the request is approved. Remember this is a business and charges could apply but will be discussed once approval is received.

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Videos will help us determine where we visit. These videos will be used as promos and help promote your business or organization.